Dr. Akansha Sharma

Dr. Akansha Sharma


Era’s Lucknow Medical College,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


  • Experienced ophthalmologist with passion for helping patients improve eye health and functionality through preventative and corrective care. Values time and work management;practiceseffectiveorganizationalskillsstrategiesforbettercoordinationwithpeers.Acareerwith a progressive organization that will use my skills, education, abilities and experience where I can effectively contribute to operations in any capacity with best of my knowledge.idealcandidateforpositionrequiringdrive,initiative,challengeandresponsibilities.


  • Junior Resident (Ophthalmology): 2017-2020
  • Fellowship in Vitreo-Retina Surgery (2 years): January 2021-December 2022


Degree College/ University Year of passing

MBBS: School of Medical Sciences and Research, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2016

MS(Ophthalmology): Era’s Lucknow Medical College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 2020

FVRS (Vitreous and Retina): Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2022


“Study of risk factors of macular edema in patients of Type II Diabetes Mellitus under the guidance of Dr.(Prof).Luxmi Singh, Era’s Lucknow Medical College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Small incision cataract extractions with non-foldable IOL
  • Pterygium excision with autoconjunctival graft
  • Fibrin glue and cyanoacrylate glue application
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Tarsorrhaphy
  • Silicone oil removal from posterior segment
  • Parsplana vitrectomy in endophthalmitis eyes
  • Intravitreal antibiotics and AntiVEGFs
  • Corneal / corneo-scleral perforation repair
  • Lid laceration repair
  • Buckling surgery
  • YAG capsulotomy and YAG peripheral iridotomy
  • Pan-retinal photocoagulation
  • Prophylactic laser and Laser barrage
  • Phacoemulsification (observed and assisted)
  • Pars plana vitrectomy for rhegmatogenenous, retinal detachments, tractional retinal detachments, vitreous hemorrhage, macular holes, ERM removals, sub-retinal hemorrhages, sub-hyaloid hemorrhages
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy (observed and assisted)
  • Entropion and Ectropion surgeries


  • All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS)
  • Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS)
  • Uttar Pradesh State Ophthalmological Society (UPSOS)
  • Vitreoretinal Society of India (VRSI)
  • Women Ophthalmologists Society (WOS)
  • Rural Ophthalmic Society of India (ROS)


  • Distinction in Biochemistry in M.B.B.S
  • 2ndBest in Poster Presentation in an International Conference on ‘Personalised Medicine: Concept and Role Players.’ In Lucknow held between 19-20 th February, 2020
  • 3rdBest in image and video competition in VRSI (September’2022)
  • 2ndRunner Up in AGOC’2021
  • WINNER in Retina Category at IFFA DOS’2021
  • 1STin image and video competition in VRSI (April’2022)
  • 1stin R-OSCARS ROSCON’2022 video competition (Giant Retinal Tears: Size Matters)
  • 2ndin R-OSCARS ROSCON’2022 video competition (Epiretinal Membrane: I find you a-peeling)
  • 1stin Paper Presentation at AGOC’2022 Rajkot
  • 2ndin Best of Best Paper Presentation at AGOC’2022 Rajkot


Participated in cataract screening reach-in camps organized by the Department of Community Ophthalmology.

Attended regular OPDs at Primary Health Centre run by the Department of Community Ophthalmology.

Participated in a Diabetic Retinopathy screening camp at Godhra, Gujarat.


  • Socio-demographic profile of glaucoma patients and barriers to treatment compliance. Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology.2020; 6(1):17-21
  • Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration right eye- a case report. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research.2019; 7(6):860-863
  • A comparison of the results and complications in pterygium surgery by bare sclera technique and autologous blood autograft fixation technique. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research.2019; 7(6):394-400
  • Foveal thickness alteration following uncomplicated cataract surgery- an OCT based study. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research.2019; 7(6):799-806
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  • SLO-Based Widefield Imaging: An Atlas of Retinal Detachments: This new tool captures peripheral pathology, augmenting standard examinations. Retina Today. 2022
  • Letter to Editor: Non-Inferiority of Fundus Photos using Wide field Imaging to Charting Drawings in Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment
  • Photo Assay: Managing paediatric choroidal tuberculoma: a case report


  • GIEP-GSI: Basics in Glaucoma, Lucknow. 23rd July, 2017
  • 53 rd Annual Conference of U.P. State Ophthalmological Society, Kanpur. 2 nd- 4 th November, 2018
  • 70 th Annual Conference of Delhi Ophthalmological Society, New Delhi. 12 TH- 14 th April, 2019
  • Glaucoma Update Programme, Lucknow. 27 th April, 2019
  • 1 st SGPGI Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Course on Botulinum and Fillers, Lucknow. 17 th August, 2019
  • 24 th Annual Meeting of Glaucoma Society of India (Glaucoknow), Lucknow. 20 th- 22 nd September, 2019
  • Resident Teaching Program of U.P. State Ophthalmic Society, Gorakhpur. 29 th September, 2019
  • 16 th Annual Conference of Uttarakhand State Ophthalmological Society, Rishikesh. 11 th- 13 th October, 2019
  • 10 th Annual Conference of Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India and International Assembly of Community Ophthalmologists, Kanpur. 18 th- 20 th October, 2019
  • Annual Conference of Vitreo-Retinal Society of India, Lucknow. 5 th8 th December, 2019
  • 54 th Annual Conference of U.P. State Ophthalmological Society, Lucknow. 14 th- 15 th December, 2019
  • National Postgraduate Education Program in Ophthalmology (i-FOCUS), New Delhi. 19 th- 26 th January, 2020
  • International Conference on Personalised Medicine: Concept and Role Players, Lucknow. 19 th- 20 th February, 2020
  • AGOC’2021 (Virtual). 9thand 10th October’2021
  • AGOC’2022 (Rajkot, Gujarat). 23rdto 25th September’2022
  • 31stAnnual Conference of VRSI Nagpur, Maharashtra. 2nd to 4th December’2022