Eye Research Center

Eye Research Center,

Ahmedabad is a non-profit making charitable organisation.

Since 1978 Retina Foundation has adopted Ravi Shankar Maharaj Eye Hospital, Chikhodra Dist. Anand (around 60 kms from Ahmedabad) . Patients having Vitreo Retinal pathologies are screened and examined by our team of doctors. Any patient who requires a specialised investigation , medical or surgical intervention is brought to our main center and operated free of cost under this char

Do You Want to be a Partner in this cause of helping the blind ?

Make a donation. Your contribution can be utilized for providing eye care services, medical and surgical to the economically underprivileged.

Donations to Eye Research Centre, Ahmedabad are exempted from income tax (125%) under section 35 (i) (ii) of the Income tax Act.

Please Contact at drnagpal@gmail.com for further details

Retina Foundation

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