Dr. Sapan Shah

Dr. Sapan Shah


  • Retina Foundation ,Shahibaug Ahmedabad
  • DATE OF BIRTH : 14th December 1988
  • GENDER : Male
  • NATIONALITY : Indian
  • ADDRESS : B/301, panchajanay apartment, panchavai 2nd lane,
  • B/H Monalisa tower, ambawadi Ahmedabad-380006
  • Email: sapan_sha@yahoo.com
  • Mobile: +91 9974898672

Educational Qualification:

Fellowship in Orbit ,Oculoplastic and Ocular oncology 2016-2018 Aravind eye institute , Madurai
M.S.( Ophthalmology) 2013-2016 Shri C.H. Nagri eye hospital (V.S Hospital) Gujarat University
MBBS 2006-2012 NHL municipal college (V.S hospital),Gujarat University
H.S.C 2006 Gujarat Board
  • PERMANENT REGISTRATION: The Gujarat Medical Council- Reg..no. G47269
  • LANGUAGES KNOWN: English/ Hindi/ Gujarati /Tamil


  • Fellowship in Orbit ,Oculoplastic and Ocular oncology at Aravind eye insitutue from October 2016 to March 2018
  • Completed three year residency at Shri C.H. Nagri Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad and got good exposure to various surgeries.
  • Glaucoma & Oculoplasty : 24 months
  • Retina : 6 months
  • Cornea : 6 months
  • Medical internship of 1 year duration at V.S hospital , Ahmedabad from March 2011 – March 2012


  • Phacoemulsification (topical)
  • Cornea and Ocular surface
  • Refractive Surgeries
  • Glaucoma
  • General ophthalmology


  • CATARACT: Performed hundreds of SICS (small incision cataract surgery) and done adequate phaco emulsification with good surgical skills and also proficiently handled surgery related complications.
  • RETINA : Carried out medical retinal examination , Ultrasound, Intravitreal injection, Vitreal aspiration and biopsy for sample and Laser Photocoagulation for treatment of retinal disorders.
  • CORNEA : Conducted specular microscopy, Topography, Penetrating keratoplasty, intracameral injection of drugs, Amniotic Membrane grafting. Also performed pre operative work up for refractive surgeries and assisted in LASIK and PRK procedures.
  • GLAUCOMA: Conducted glaucoma examination including tonometry,gonioscopy, HRT, perimetry, trabeculectomy, laser posterior capsulotomy.
  • OCULOPLASTY& ONCOLOGY : I have undergone extensive training in diagnosing and treating various orbit and oncology eye cases like Retinoblastoma , Lymphoma ,Rhabdomyosarcoma, adenocystic carcinoma, pleomorphic adenoma, basal cell carcinoma, sebaceous gland carcinoma, ocular surface squmouas cell neoplasia, Meibomian gland carcinoma, lid reconstruction after tumor removal Entropion , Ectropion , Ptosis , DCR ,Enucleation with implant , Orbital Floor fracture and various Orbitotomies. I have done all pre andpost operative management of surgical cases. I did more than 500 SICS and 20 phaco during my residency and fellowship.
  • OTHERS : squint surgery, pterygium excision, conjunctival autograft.
  • Community Work : I have taken part in various diagnostics camps, visual handicap certifications, eye donation awareness lectures and assisted in school health program in Ahmedabad and Madurai city during my 3 years of residency and fellowship tenure.
  • I have single handedly managed ophtlmic emergencies like chemical burns , acute angle closure glaucoma , retinal artery occlusions and penetrating injuries.


  • Phacoemulsification surgeries including hard cataracts, complicated cataracts and cataract operations in one eyed patients. Done more than 5000 cataract surgeries.
  • Also experienced in newer procedures such as subluxated cataracts with CTR & newer CTRs like Cionni ring implantations, Ahmed segment implantations, sclera fixated IOL, posterior iris fixated IOL, newer IOL like Toric IOLs and multifocal IOL, Limbal Relaxing incisions.
  • Competent and experienced in: Pterygium excision with autografts,
  • Amniotic membrane transplantations,
  • Penetrating Keratoplasties
  • Lamellar keratoplasties like DALK, DSEK
  • Pupilloplasties
  • Also has keen interest in ocular surface work.
  • Performed newer ocular surface surgeries like amniotic membrane transplantation, stem cell transplantation like SLET, Lid mucous membrane grafting in cases of SJS syndromes
  • Keratoprosthesis
  • Lasik & PRK
  • Trabeculectomies,Dacryocystorhniostomies
  • Dacryocystorhniostomies


  • Cataract workshop by Raghudeep Eye clinic – December 2013
  • OPAI annual conference – September 2014
  • Glaucoma convene by Raghudeep eye clinic – June 2014
  • 42nd All Gujarat Ophthalmological society conference –September 2014
  • Strabismology CME –September 2015
  • AOSCON ( Ahmedabad ophthalmological society)- June 2015
  • 44nd All Gujarat Ophthalmological society conference –September 2016
  • CME on LASIK –Shri C.H. Nagri eye hospital
  • CME on cataract -Shri C.H. Nagri eye hospital
  • CME on squint - Shri C.H. Nagri eye hospital
  • CME on Cornea - Shri C.H. Nagri eye hospital
  • OPAI annual conference – October 2017sss


  • Research work : “Comparison between Endoscopic DCR and external DCR” – A dissertation submitted to Gujarat university under the guidance of Dr. Nitin Trivedi ,Head of Unit, Shri C.H. Nagri eye hospital.
  • Publication : “ A rare case report of post -traumatic luxation of globe with optic nerve avulsion “ – Indian journal of research in Vol.05,issue 05,May 2015.
  • Paper Presentation :
    • 1) “Effect of laser PI on vision, IOP, depth and angle of anterior chamber in cases of NAG“ – GOS 2015.
    • 2)“Relationship between macular thickness and axial length in young myopic patients “ – GOS 2015.
    • 3)“Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma , Histopathological Variant & Treatment Modalities : A Case Series” -GOS 2017 with best paper award
  • Poster submission :
    • 1)“EEffect of Orbital Tumors and Different types of Orbitotomy on Extraocular Motility and Diplopia“ –OPAI 2014
    • 2)“ Acute Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis after intravenous Administration Of Methylprednisolone In patient with Grave’s Thyrotoxicosis” – OPAI 2017


  • Apart from general ophthalmology, I have keen interest in oculoplasty and ocular oncology.


1 Dr. Usha Kim Chief medical officer of Orbit &oculoplasty department at Madurai , Aravind eye hospital +91- 948707559
2 Dr.Tejas Desai Professor & Head of Retina Unit and Superintendent, Shri C. H. Nagri Eye Hospital +91- 9327004888
3 Dr. Nitin trivedi Ex Professor of oculoplasty Unit and dean of Nagar school of Optometry,ShriC.H.Nagri Eye hospital +91-9879985808


  • I hereby certify that all information by me is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • NAME: Dr. Sapan S Shah
  • DATE : MARCH 2018
  • PLACE : Ahmedabad.


  • Member of All India Ophthalmological society (M17953)
  • Member of Cornea Society of India
  • Member of Ahmedabad Ophthalmological Society