Aso Palov Eye Bank


Aso Palov Eye Bank a state of the art eye bank in the heart of Ahmedabad City.

The Aso Palav Eye Bank, was formed at Retina Foundation & Eye Research Centre in 2003, with the main objective of creating awareness about eye donation and kindle the hope of sight among the dark lives through donation of eyes pledged by the benevolent donors during their life time.

The Eye Bank is An active Member of the Eye Bank Association of India and also accredited by the Gujarat Government , Directorate of Health Services to collect, process, distribute corneas and do corneal transplantation. It is provided with all the latest equipment for eye banking as per international standards of eye banking.

Work Done since 2003

Since 2003, Aso Palov Eye Bank has processed and evaluated over 520 eyes due to the efforts of various NGO’s, fellow ophthalmologists, and individuals form various strata of the society and we cannot thank them enough for helping us in this noble cause.

Aso Palov Eye Bank has been active in the following areas of Eye Donation

  • Preservation in MK Medium, EUSOL Medium Assessment & Distribution of Donated Corneal Tissue. Continued Medical Education and Creating Awareness amongst local medical practioners about Eye Donation and Modern Eye Banking Protocols.
  • Procuring Amniotic Membranes for use in Chemical Injuries and Ocular Surface Reconstruction. Assist the Cornea Services that has done over 500 corneal transplants.
  • Konan Eye Bank Specular Microscope has been installed – to evaluate the corneal endothelium prior to transplantation.
  • Sterile Laminar Flow Hood Laboratory is established and running for Processing of Corneas.
  • Only Eye Bank in Ahmedabad with Certified Eye Bank Technician trained at Ramayana International Eye Bank, Hyderabad.

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