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Sandeep Soni

We had been visiting Retina Foundation since last 20 yrs for my mother's eye checkups and operations. Initially my Mother was treated by Dr. P. N. Nagpal and then Dr. Manish Nagpal. We are very thankful to them for saving her eyes.The hospital , doctors and staffs are excellent in giving proper treatment and care. Special thanks to Dr Manish Nagpal, who is best doctor in retina surgery. He is very humble, genuine and highly skilled. Dr Manish have been very kind and caring during all treatment and surgeries. Staff is supportive and friendly making things easier for you.I recommend retina hospital to all with any eye problems.

Anand Maheshwari

My wife lost her vision in left eye. Everyone one of Eye Specialist in Jaipur have said that nothing can be done. My wife said that she have had operation earlier many years back so as last hope and thanks to Dr. Tondon @Jaipur who suggested me to go back to Ratina Foundation, Ahmedabad due to patient history with them.

Mr. Manish Nagpal even with 0.01% Chance he said he will just see what best can be done. Due to no choice I decided to go for it. Jai Swaminaryan... She got her vision back as it was earlier. It was 3rd Ratina Detachment case for her but she is living a good life and enjoying every moment of her vision she have. Now going just for regular yearly checkups cant take risk. But I cant forget the help and support of entire team @Ratina Foundation.

Thanks Dr. Manish Nagpal and Dr. P N Nagpal and entire team out there for your support and care. I can read some of negative review and I am sorry for some of them who have had bad experience but that is the reason I am writing this detailed post so that we know that there is always 2 sides of a coin.

"This is not we who write the reviews but our experience who insist us to write that. If I have good one I just thought to share this to everyone out there when we are having any disease a Doctor can only give their best treatment afterall we know they are also human being not the creator of the Universe". Jai Swamiarayan. May my god Swaminarayan help everyone and make them healthy...

- Anand Maheshwari
I have no hesitation to publicly appreciate Dr. Manish Nagpal support and care as afterall he deserves this respect.

With respect
- Anand Maheshwari

Nipa Shah

The best team of Doctors are here at Retina Foundation. Even the staff is very helpful and cooperative. The whole Nagpal family is very humble and soft hearted. Keep up the good work and best wishes to everyone at Retina Foundation! 👍👍👍

Dr.Chirag Chovatia

I have been seeing Dr Manish Nagpal since 20 years, he is one of the most dedicated and skilled ophthalmic surgeons, I have met. He comes across as very reassuring and calming figure. Hospital has a good team of doctors. The institute is one of the top notch in the country for Retina.

Shakhboz Sharofov

I am from Uzbekistan, and I came here for my Right eye retina surgery as i was referred to Retina Foundation, shahibaug Ahmedabad (India) by my local doctor . so we are very very thankful to Dr Manish nagpal , he did excellent surgery and my vision recovered a lot better. me and my parents are very happy. All doctors and staff are very helpful. Once again THANKS A LOT DR MANISH NAGPAL. GOD BLESS U...

Sreyas Desai

In my humble opinion Dr. Manish Nagpal is the best in the field of retina care/treatment in Gujarat.He has vast knowledge/information and expertise in surgical treatment.

My mother Was having serious retinal problems. we consulted Dr. Manish Nagpal at retina foundation. and after his tteatment my mother's problem was conteolled.. and almost cured and today at the age of 80 my mother is doing all her work independently including reading..writting and signing..

😊Shreyash Desai Advocate,

Karishma Bharwani

The best eye hospital so far i have experienced. Dr Manish is so welcoming and was explaining all about my eye condition very well and clear. Too good the way Dr Manish handle his patients and overall i'm so satisfied doin my eye surgery with him and he is easily contacted at any time❤️ thank U so much Dr Manish Nagpal

Sinchita Roy Chowdhuri

They say God made Man in the image of Himself. I think you can see that when you meet Dr. Manish Nagpal. How do you even begin to describe someone who is able to restore your vision? From the minute we stepped into Dr. Nagpal’s Retina Foundation Center and met him, to the professionalism of his entire medical team, to the efficiency with which Dr. Nagpal performed the emergency surgery, everything was done in perfect coordination, smoothly and efficiently. The service and care that we received at the Retina Foundation was beyond our expectations. My husband and I were visiting India from the US when this medical emergency occurred. We are both closely involved with the health care system in the US; however not only do we consider ourselves fortunate to be in India for this surgery but if we had to ever do this again, we will travel to India to see Dr. Nagpal. Dr Nagpal’s skill and expertise make him one of the top retinal surgeons in the world and I would recommend him to anyone who needs retinal surgery. Thank you, Dr. Manish Nagpal for all you do 🙏🏼

Vishwanath Sharma

Today I had done my cataract surgery, we came here for cataract surgery from Gwalior and We are very happy with the Surgery and the support of the hospital staff and special thanks to Dr. Sheetal Madam for doing the same and Pooja Madam for all quick arrangements & Support even in non working hours. All the staff is very helpful and supportive. here patients are treated and take care very well, We would recommend it at the top amongst the any other hospital in Gujarat

Nikunj Zinabhai Patel - My experience of eye injury

Years back on 7th November,2007 During the festival of lights, DIWALI (DHANTERAS) I was enjoying my game of cricket with my friends in the evening, suddenly the bowl throughn by filder to the keeper had injured my left eye very hardly and I had lost my vision in left eye.

Gaught emergency treatment near by at Palak hospital Chikhli,but as the blood clots in the upper part of the eye doctor can't judge at eraly stages and refered for the sonography.but as that time was of Diwali all the care unit hade limited staff get troubled to take instant sonography.du to the blood, sonography reports were also not cleared.after one week with the help of Dr.Upadhyay(Valsad) I came to know that my retina was damaged and he refered me to Surat for rerinal treatment.Dr.Kaushal had clarified me about the damgae and suggest for the operation.

I was in search of the retina specialist and came to know of Dr.P.N.Nagapal (Ahmedabad)from one of my friend. Immideately we came to him at Ahmedabad and decided for the operation as Dr Nagapal had also suggested for the operation.

It was my first experience to have the general anesthesia. operation theatre was very silent with the light music I knew even the song...(Ye sham mastani). anesthesiologist had just asked me to take deep breath...and I was lost... operation time of approx 45 minutes was look like a minute for me!!! And Dr. Said get up it's done, my eye was covered with the bandage.Next morning I saw Dr.P.N.Nagapal when he came for the follow up.he had seen my eye and thanks to him Every thing was ok.

After the operation, I had another small operation for removal of oil after one year.

I was very thankful to my Parents, brother, neighbor and cousin brother sister for whatever they had done for me. And now how can I forget my wife that she has chosen me as her life partner .. with whatever I am.

At present I am satisfied with my left eye vision though it is very minor but not lost. Now I m well adjust with it.

"Many times I think of Dr.P.N. Nagapal sir and Dr Manish Nagapal when I closed my right eye and able to see with my left Eye. "Thanks you very much.Thanks to the whole team of Retina foundation. Good luck for the future.

Dr. Saumya T Gautam
Cape Town, South Africa

I just would like to say thank Dr Manish Nagpal for his amazing work, caring & affectionate nature towards my dad treatment for his eye. I truly appreciate the exclusive professionalism. I am very thankful to him and his amazing team for treating my dad’s eye. Even when my dad came to Cape Town to visit me & when we needed his help he was always there for us for giving the best advice. I feel blessed to have him as our family doctor especially for my dad. He is truly an amazing & wonderful personality inside out & a Doctor with genuine heart with caring and affectionate nature. Also thank you to the wonderful hospital staff for being so caring and for treating patients with love & care.

Jaysinh Satham
Founder - The White Elephant Holdings ( Vadodara )

We recently had one of our relatives Mrs. Meenadevi Shinde operated for Cataract complications and it gives the whole family a reassuring feeling letting you know we were touched by the professionalism and the empathy shown by each one of you in the hospital.

Spending time at the hospital we felt nice seeing a place which is a center of excellence as one of the best eye care for people of all stratas and backgrounds, seeing the staff giving equal care and comfort to each patient.

It restores our belief that - Doctors are angels of God, doing his work. Thank you all of you, we will remember your deed with gratitude our whole lives.

Thanx & Regards,
Jaysinh Satham
Founder - The White Elephant Holdings ( Vadodara )

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